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SPINDLE2 Two-channel Microscope Module for Simultaneous Multi-color, Multi-depth 3D Imaging

SPINDLE2 is your solution to achieve single-shot 3D super-resolution and 3D wide-field imaging. Offering two simultaneous channels, in combination with Double Helix Optics’ library of PSF engineered phase masks, the SPINDLE2 enables multi-color, multi-depth imaging capabilities out of your existing microscope system.

With the ability to individually adapt each channel, the imaging combinations are endless. For applications requiring full-field imaging, the SPINDLE2 bypass mode preserves the full imaging functionality of your microscope.


Double Helix 3D reconstruction of African green monkey kidney cell with microtubules and actin labeled separately. The two colors were imaged simultaneously…


Multi-Particle 3D Tracking

Extended Depth-Of-Field Volume Imaging

Lightsheet Microscopy

Multi-Color 3D Single Molecule Localization (SMLM)

Whole-Cell + Single Molecule Imaging

Multi-color Widefield Microscopy


Number of Optical Channels 2
Number of Camera Ports 1
Dimensions -
Microscope Mounting C-Mount Compatible
Camera Mounting C-Mount Compatible
Maximum Field Of View
- Two Channel
- Single Channel/Bypass
Bypass Mode Yes
Transmission Efficiency 95%(Min)
Transmission Wavelength Range -
Engineered PSF Phase Mask Slots 2
Filter Slots 2
Abberation Correction -