Image reconstruction & analysis software

For researchers looking to achieve the highest fidelity results, 3DTRAX is purpose-built to partner seamlessly with DHO hardware. Designed as a user-friendly Fiji plugin with a modular licensing system, 3DTRAX can be configured to meet your specific application needs.

  • Automate 3D localization using proprietary algorithms that calculate the x,y, and z position of every emitter
  • Render 3D images with unprecedented depth and precision for single-molecule localization, tracking, and counting
  • Reconstruct images with no loss in precision using 2D and 3D deconvolution
  • Produce information-rich plots to elicit scientific insights
  • Readily export data for additional advanced statistical and machine learning analyses
  • Access via API for OEM integrations

Use 3DTRAX® for

3D particle tracking
Volumetric imaging
Emitter localization
Image reconstruction
Data analysis
Data visualization

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3DTRAX bundle features


Localize standard data

Correct 2D image
drift across frames

Maximize signal by recovering
partial blinking events*

Visualise 3D image

Save & export data

Localize dense data

Correct 3D image drift across
frames using fiducial markers

Recover original signal
in incident photons*

Filter noise

Identify clustered emitters

Track particle diffusion

Track actively driven particle motion

Deconvolve images in 2D

Deconvolve images in 3D

Deconvolve images using GPU

Dual channel option




Deep Focus

*Upcoming feature