Phase masks

Phase masks

Upgrade to 3D with engineered PSFs

Achieve precise 3D depth localization with maximum signal and minimum phototoxicity using our comprehensive library of interchangeable phase masks that are designed to match your imaging depth and system requirements.

  • Instantaneously capture true 3D information by modifying the point spread function of your optical system
  • Extend the depth of field up to 20x that of conventional optics, capturing extended structures and particle tracks that would otherwise be missed
  • Collect the exact data you need by selecting from our library of phase masks, including double helix, single helix, tetrapod, multicolor and deep focus designs
  • Optimize data quality with a phase mask that matches your required depth range, emission wavelength, signal over background, and microscope optics
  • Limit photoxicity, and save time and storage space, by increasing the 3D volume imaged in each frame

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Double helix
Single helix
Deep focus
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