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Double Helix Optics captures high-precision, super-resolution, 3D images across the largest depth of field—so you can collect significantly more data in a single shot.


Simply add Double Helix SPINDLE® to any widefield microscope. A library of Engineered Phase Masks gives you control of depth and precision. 3DTRAX™ software is an easy-to-use Fiji/ImageJ plugin that simplifies 3D localization analysis by automating 3D calibration, drift correction, super-resolution image reconstruction, and particle tracking.


As an add-on module, SPINDLE® minimizes setup costs. By imaging larger volumes, you get more high-quality data in a shorter amount of time. It’s faster and more efficient.


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Open Positions for Product Development Engineer and Sr. Software Development Engineer

Join our growing team as we develop new and exciting products for spatial imaging and ranging applications.

A Game Changer: Unrivaled Nano-scale 3D Imaging and Sensing

Double Helix Optics has invented a new concept in nano-scale imaging: the engineered rotating point spread function (PSF). Double Helix Light Engineering™ modifies the light path with user-changeable phase masks to deliver optimized super-resolution 3D images. The results? Unparalleled depth and precision. You can view a wider range of planes with superior depth resolution—more than 3x that of other solutions. See what you’ve been missing.

See what you've been missing

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Image showing 2D Light Microscopy
2D Light Microscopy

Traditional light microscopy is limited by the diffraction of light to 200 nm in the lateral dimension (x-y) and 500 nm in the axial dimension (z).

Image showing 2D Nanoscopy
2D Nanoscopy

Super-resolution imaging breaks the diffraction barrier, enabling you to see structures as small as 10-20 nm laterally. But this 2D image shows only 1 micron in the axial dimension, losing depth information near and far.

Image showing 3D Double Helix Light Engineering
show 3D optics movie
3D Double Helix Imagery

Double Helix Light Engineering™ goes well beyond the diffraction limit, generating images at very high precision (‹30 nm) in all three dimensions (x, y, z). This image shows a depth of 3 microns, encoded in color.

Quotation Marks

We expect that the DH-PSF optics will become a regular attachment on advanced microscopes, either for super-resolution 3D imaging of structure, or for 3D super-resolution tracking of individually labeled bio-molecules in cells or other environments."

Professor W.E Moerner | Nobel Laureate
Stanford University