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Frequently asked questions

No and no. While our core technology evolved out of the super-resolution community, it can in many cases also work with label-free or lower-granularity samples. Please contact us to discuss your specific goals.

Nearly any microscope that has a standard C- or F-mount camera port will work with one of our SPINDLE modules. Additionally, we keep in stock a range of phase masks that that are tuned to match a broad array of objective lens magnification-NA combinations, but we also have the capability to manufacture custom masks to meet specific customer needs.

Our phase masks are constructed to work with most illumination methods other than confocal. Epi, TIRF, HILO, light sheet, bright field, dark field, ring, etc. have all been used with our products to great success. We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding your specific illumination requirements.

Our SPINDLE® modules are compatible with most modern c- and f-mount sCMOS and EMCCD cameras and UV to near-IR lasers.

We offer an extensive library of phase masks that work with a wide variety of microscopes, illumination sources, and imaging targets. We welcome a conversation with you to help determine the optimal solution for your scientific needs.

Each SPINDLE® module (e.g., SPINDLE® vs. SPINDLE²™) has a unique phase mask cartridge, but the phase masks themselves can be readily swapped between cartridges and used across systems. Phase mask cartridges are magnetically secured in a user-accessible slot in SPINDLE® modules for easy swap of phase mask.

We offer 3DTRAX®, a FIJI/ImageJ plugin that has been designed to work seamlessly with our SPINDLE® hardware modules to easily construct high-precision 3D coordinates, particles tracks, and images. As 3DTRAX® is so closely integrated with our hardware, we only provide official software support for imaging data collected using DHO phase masks. Please contact us to discuss the details of your software options.

3DTRAX® software is licensed as bundles of modules for imaging, tracking, and/or volumetric imaging for single- or dual-channel data collection. Licenses are initially issued for a 1 year period, after which they can be renewed with a maintenance fee that covers software updates and new features.

Product information sheets and brochures can be found on individual product pages. User manuals are available for customers.

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