OEM integrations

OEM integrations
Left: Wire bonding on computer chip. Right: Detected RNA in mammalian tissue captured from 3.5 um depth in a single shot. Image credit: DHO

Your application, now with 3D

If you want to add the best in 3D imaging to your products or have a novel imaging challenge that requires depth with precision, we've got you covered. The extensibility of DHO's tech is revolutionary and can be integrated into even complex optical systems with limited available space. We will work with you to design and create the optimal meld of our technologies.

  • Customize engineered phase masks to match the experimental need
  • Optimize hardware for system optical configuration
  • Integrate modular 3DTRAX software via API
  • Work directly with our experts to develop and deploy a robust solution

Partner with us for

Spatial omics
High-content analysis
High-throughput screening
Multiplexed imaging
Super resolution

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