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Go Deep

Reveal new findings hiding in the depths





Double Helix Optics creates vivid 3D nano-scale images so you can see structures down to the single molecule level.

Explore the unknown in 3D.

See structures in 3D down to single molecules with Double Helix Optics Light Engineering.

Seamlessly integrate the SPINDLE® family of products with your existing microscope, camera, or other optical instruments to enable unrivaled 3D imaging and tracking.

Choose from a library of engineered phase masks optimized to the depth, emission wavelength, and signal-to-noise ratio that best meets your needs.

Use our 3DTRAX® software for the most precise 3D single molecule localization imaging and tracking. Or, for whole cell imaging, combining our extended depth of field phase engineering and optimized deconvolution module.


Our single camera dual channel SPINDLE2 enables multi-color imaging for up to four wavelengths simultaneously. And . . .

Captures 3D information instantaneously, no need to scan – up to 30x conventional optics

Tunable single shot depth imaging matched to your application at any wavelength

Multiple 3D imaging techniques in one box: single molecule localization microscopy, whole cell imaging, particle tracking, particle counting

Attaches between any widefield microscope and EMCCD or sCMOS camera, using standard C-mounts

Ensures pupil plane alignment to your microscope and objectives with corrective optics

Features a bypass mode so you can perform single channel experiments or revert to 2D imaging without having to dismantle

Unlocks vast potential when used with other tools and techniques, including STORM, PALM, SOFI, lightsheet, widefield, TIRF, FRET, and more


Our single channel SPINDLE® is a great option for those applications that require single color or sequential two-color imaging. Matched to our library of phase masks, it provides the same depth precision capabilities and  corrective optics as our SPINDLE2.

shows the Double Helix Optics family of products for 3D imaging

Engineered Phase Masks

Achieve superior 3D depth-precision localization, longer 3D particle tracks, and extended depth of field imaging using our library of interchangeable phase masks.

3DTRAX® Software

Designed as an easy-to-use Fiji plugin, 3DTRAX: