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About Us

See Like No Other

Double Helix is a team of top talent from a range of fields coming together to advance discovery and research in precision 3D nano-imaging. We have recognized world experts in super-resolution, first-rate engineers in optics, 3D imaging, software,and advisors from the research and business world. We are experts in our fields, collaborators in others, and excited by discovery.

Leslie Kimerling

Co-Founder & CEO
Serial entrepreneur with a passion for growing companies.

Rafael Piestun, Ph.D.

Co-Founder & Chief Innovation Officer
Recognized world expert in super-resolution and 3D optics.

Anurag Agrawal, Ph.D.

Principal Optics Scientist

Scott Gaumer

Director Life Sciences

Warren Colomb, Ph.D

Optical Systems Engineer

Shayla Griggs

Optical Engineering Intern

Join Our Team

Sales Specialist
Join our growing team,
based in Boulder Colorado
Applications Scientist
Join our growing team,
based in Boulder Colorado

Business Advisory Board

Andrew Malik

Chairman, Needham & Co.

Eyal Kaplan

Chairman of Expand Investments

Lindsay Weaver Jr.

Qualcomm Former Executive VP Engineering/Qualcomm Fellow

Steve Dupont

Ballard Spahr (Legal Counsel)