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Go Deep

Reveal new findings hiding in the depths




Double Helix Optics creates vivid 3D nano-scale images so you can see structures down to the single molecule level.

Explore what no one has seen before.

Patented Double Helix Light Engineering™ enables 3D imaging and particle tracking with the greatest depth and precision—unmatched in optics today. The SPINDLE® seamlessly integrates with your existing microscope, camera or other optical instruments.

Choose from a library of Engineered Phase Masks optimized to the depth, emission wavelength, and signal-to-noise ratio that best meets your needs. 3DTRAX™ software pinpoints the location of single molecules or particles in the axial and lateral dimensions—for the most precise 3D imaging.

SPINDLE® add-on module

  • Extends the capabilities of your microscope for nano-scale 3D imaging and sensing
  • Attaches between any widefield microscope and EMCCD or sCMOS camera, using standard C-mounts
  • Ensures pupil plane alignment to your microscope and objectives with corrective optics
  • Features a bypass mode so you can revert to 2D imaging without having to dismantle
  • Unlocks vast potential when used with other tools and techniques, including SOFI, confocal, STORM, widefield, fluorescent beads, dyes and photoactivable proteins

Engineered Phase Masks

  • Modify the point spread function (PSF) to capture 3D information, in much greater detail and depth
  • Maximize control and flexibility by giving you a library of phase masks, including Double Helix, Single Helix, Tetrapod, and multicolor designs
  • Alter the PSF based on depth range, emission wavelength, SNR, and optics parameters—so you can achieve the ideal balance for your imaging needs
  • Image larger volumes, minimizing or eliminating the time and effort needed for axial stitching
  • Extend the depth of field—up to 10 μm—capturing longer particle tracks that would be lost with other 3D tracking solutions

3DTRAX™ Software

  • Calculates the z position of every particle, running proprietary algorithms to automate 3D localization
  • Renders highly precise 3D images (‹30 nm) with unprecedented depth and resolution for single molecule localization and tracking
  • Automates drift correction and provides intuitive plots to preserve data quality
  • Simplifies and streamlines the user experience as a Fiji/ImageJ plugin
  • Allows you to save images in STORM or Double Helix file formats and export files for further analysis