3DTRAX Adds Overlapping Emitter Detection to 3D Single Molecule Localization and Tracking

August 28th, 2019 by Double Helix Optics

Double Helix Optics announces the addition of the Overlapping Emitter detection algorithm to its Image J/Fiji-based 3DTRAX™ software for 3D single molucule localization microscopy (SMLM).  This latest version employs new algorithms and allows for emitters to overlap in the field of view, capturing more information from images and expanding what experimenters can do with sample preparation.

3DTRAX software works with all variations of STORM and PALM to offer imaging at unprecedented depth and precision. 

In addition to extended depth imaging, 3DTRAX includes a 3D tracking module offering single-particle tracking over several microns of depth from a single imaging perspective. 

The GUI-based software enables calibration and localization of double helix point spread function (DH-PSF) emitters acquired using the Double Helix SPINDLE® module. More than just an imaging tool, 3DTRAX is integrated with the Double Helix Optics library of phase masks to deliver up to 20 µm of depth and 20 nm precision to 3D super-resolution single molecule localization.

3DTRAX makes calibration of the microscope’s depth response straightforward, and delivers a complete, drift corrected, three-dimensional dataset from a standard microscope with Double Helix Optics’ SPINDLE attached.

Create renderings of detailed 3D super-resolution data from nearly any microscope equipped with the SPINDLE

Key features of 3DTRAX include:

  • Automation of 3D localization with calculation of x-y–z position of every detected particle
  • Rendering of unprecedented 3D depth and precision
  • Automation of drift correction
  • Intuitive plots to ensure data quality
  • Optimization for NA, magnification, emission wavelength, and camera 
  • Streamlined user experience with GUI interface
  • User settable parameters
  • Save images in ThunderSTORM or Double Helix file formats for export and further analysis
Particle tracking shown with colors representing depth

Download the tech note to learn more about what your microscope can do with 3DTRAX.